Middle Eastern Mezze

September 21- Sackville

November 1st - Portland Street

November 20th-Barrington Street

Tonight learn how to make the perfect Mezze Platter - Simple Middle Eastern bites . Lauren will teach you how to make spiced & stuffed grape leaves, roasted walnut dip, chickpea schwarma, spicy potatoes and to sweeten you up try a Basbousa (a sweet coconut and almond cake).

Vegan Milk and Cheese

November 6th - Barrington Street

​October 3rd - Bedford

October 26th - Portland Street

This will be a fun interactive class with Chef Lauren. You will have the opportunity to get to experience the world of Vegan Cheese Making using homemade milks! Tonight you will see how to make a Herbed 'Swiss-like' cheese, Cashew yogurt, Vegan tzatziki, Pine nut Parmesan, Mozzarella and you will enjoy Mini vegan pizzas, and Nut and Seed Milks. 

Liquid Gold Pop Up Classes

Sunnyside Mall, Bedford NS

​Check out class details on http://www.allthingsolive.ca/collections/in-store-cooking-classes

to book call 902-835-8809


At Atlantic Superstore

To book call listed store (info at bottom of page)

​​Book Online
Go here to pre-register. Click on the store location you will be attending (for example Sackville) then go to bottom of page and click on Cooking Classes. Find By Instructor then click on Lauren Marshall. There you will find my cooking class.

Book Over Phone
Call customer service desk at store location where the class is being held. Book with credit card.

$20.00 (plus tax)

Store Locations
Sackville - (902) 864-2299
​Bedford   - (902) 832-3117
​Braemar- (902) 463-4619
​Portland Street - (902) 462-0101
Barrington- (902) 492-3240
Joe Howe- (902) 453-1080
Tantallon- (902) 826-3190

Ethopian Eats

​September 25th - Barrington

October 5th - Sackville

​​Tonight enjoy a platter of Ethiopian Delights called Bayenetu! Learn how to make a traditional Ethiopian Flatbread (Injera) which will then be topped with tasty & traditional foods from this country. Try Shiro Wat (A curry with spices, onion, garlic and ginger),  Stewed Collard Greens, Misir Wat (Creamy Spiced Lentils), and an Ethopian Tomato & Beet Salad. To finish off you will enjoy a rich Ethiopian Chocolate Mousse.

Fall / Winter 2017

Jamaican Nights

November 16 - Sackville

​November 21 - Joe Howe

Many Jamaican dishes have meat or fish, but Ital cuisine is usually vegetarian or vegan. Developed by Rastafarians, Ital food is a natural way of cooking that avoids processed food, additives, oil, salt and sugar. Tonight enjoy the veggie delights of Jamaican cuisine. You will learn  Jamaican Patties- A savoury turnover filled with ground lentils, mushrooms and Jamaican spices. Then you will try Jerk Tofu with Rice and Peas. You will finish the evening with Coconut Toto - Simple Spiced Jamaican Coconut Cake.

Pasta Paradise

September 27th - Bedford

November 1st - Portland

Tonight will be a hands on class all about the art of making pasta. You will learn about how to make different styles of pasta from traditional Italian methods. The class will be broken into groups . The first group will make a stuffed wild mushroom ravioli served with a butternut cream.  The second group will learn a simple gnocchi served with a lemon garlic white wine sauce and the final group will make chocolate almond tortellini with blood orange and pinenuts.

Vegan Holiday

November 22 - Portland

December 7th - Sackville

December 11 - Barrington Street

December 13 - Bedford

December 14th - Tantallon

December 19th - Braemar

Every year Lauren cooks a vegetarian’s dream of a feast! This year she will delight your tastebuds with a Smoky Mushroom Strudel, Rosemary Spelt Biscuits, Creamy Wild Mushroom Gravy with an assortment of roasted garden veggies! To finish off the night you will enjoy a Raspberry Chocolate Yule Log Cake.

Cooking With Squash

October 16th - Barrington Street

​October 24th - Joe Howe

It’s fall so that means we get to start cooking with one of Lauren’s favourite ingredients, Squash!Start with a Shaved Squash Salad with Arugula and Cinnamon Maple Pumpkin Seeds. Then learn how to make a Roasted Squash Stuffed Cannelloni. To finish the evening off right, you will finish with a Brown Sugar Squash Pie with Maple Aquafaba (Whipped Chickpea Liquid)